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03.02.2023: Updated the links to actually be sites I like and use instead of a collection of random websites I once thought "Hey, that's fun, let'ś link to it on my page!". Also thinking about rebuilding the site to be more minimalistic and have less useless things.

29.01.2023: I think I need to stop I'll do something to the site. The winter holidays are over and no edits during that time, sigh...

25.12.2022: Merry Christmas everyone! Haven't been there for quite some time, actually since end of the summer holidays. After a few rough weeks at school I finally have some time to sit there and take a look on some old projects. I've said this a few times already, but this time I'm also planning to do some interesting things during the winter holidays, maybe update the website too. It needs some rework, as I don't enjoy the current formula as much as I thought I would, hope this time it will be better. I've just checked the traffic stats, and it seems like someone actually reads my scribbles here. Genuinely tens of unique visitors and over two hundred hits a day in last week! For something different, I became interested in playing Dwarf Fortress recently. Haven't bought the Steam version yet as I'm not sure if the game will stay with me for longer, but it feels like a very interesting game to get into for now. Also, I went to my first cubing competition last week. Hadn't got any notable scores, still quite a nice experience though. However, I'm already sometimes getting sub30 averages at home, quite proud with that. Anyway, stay safe out there and enjoy Christmas - if you happen to celebrate it.

31.08.2022: Yeah, haven't updated the site for some time. Not like I hadn't had anything interesting to add or say, just haven't feel like doing it. School starts tomorrow, I'm not so happy with that. Anyway, the holidays were rather succesful. I've been posting about cubing before, yesterday I solved a Rubik's Cube in 26 seconds. Btw am browsing xhtml.club right now and I've thought that having nearly plain HTML website may be nice. But now I have no idea about what it may be.

09.08.2022: Some minor fixes and changes today. Added some new links. Now most turtles should link to main page, I also have a badge (see bottom of the page) and I'm proud of how it came out. I think I'll upload a blog post today or tomorrow.

06.08.2022: Well, two days ago I returned from my vacation - two trips in a row, 19 days in total. I feel rested and tired at the same time. Since the last post I've keep cubing - learned CFOP, got a new cube and a PB of 37.02s (Have no idea how, my second best solve is 47.24s. It was scrambled with generated alghoritm.) Maybe will write something more about cubing sometime. I've also got excited with Game Boy games again, currently playing GBA Final Fantasy I on an emulator and it's quite fun.

08.07.2022: I learned how to solve Rubik's Cube! I know it's not something very impressive, but I'm actually really proud of myself.

06.07.2022: The collection finally has images, it's kind of complete. I'd add them earlier, but I was on trip to the Tatra Mountains (it was great). Today I tried to bake cookies from the recipe by joppiesaus, but they came out as one large cookie filling the entire baking plate lmao. It's quite tasty though.

30.06.2022: Okay, I'm uploading it to Neocities. Incomplete, but at least something. Gonna add missing things as soon as possible.

30.06.2022: TIL Kofola has actually more caffeine than I thought it has. Or maybe it's just sugar... Anyway, my heartbeat is faster than it should be. Hoping the site will be up today.