The hottest day of the summer (post about this website)

Today was the hottest day of the summer in Poland. The hottest to this point of course, but I hope there won't be this warm anymore this year. Forecasts said there will be up to 38°C - I don't know how warm it exactly was. My thermometer showed even 40°C - it wasn't an actual temperature of course. I hate global warming. Anyway, unlike the title of the post suggests I'm not writing it to tell about temperatures, but about this website.

I found Neocities and created this website late last year and even have done something on it, though i thought it's not good and decided to rework it and publish soon in January. Unfortunately for this plan remote classes ended and my free time shrank. So I had forgotten about it and reminded myself about it in May. May and June were even more busy, so I decided to publish the website on the day the vacation begins (24th June) - it was already real, but in the last days of the school year I was doing other things (like building a ZX Spectrum replica - gonna write something about that) and I was out whole 24th. "No problem, I'll do it tomorrow" - I thought. Wrong. In the following days I've been doing a lot of work around the house and paiting my room. Finally, I'm done, I can sit for a while, grab a bag of Cheetos (mech keyboard folks will hate me) and finally finish the website.

I've got quite a lot of plans for the summer, going to do some things I'll write about. At the time I'm thinking about posts on ZX Spectrum, other computer hardware, maybe something about software and operating systems or something computer unrelated, like food, my travels or even something else. There's also a journal at the main page, gonna update it regularly.

Please forgive me if this post is a pure nonsense. I'm tired already. Have a nice day!